[darcs-users] Windows build error (due to ifdef juggling?)

zooko zooko at zooko.com
Fri Mar 13 13:21:05 UTC 2009

> Zooko: please pull my patch 'Replace external-zlib flag with zlib'  
> in the build master. (it would be good if we had a way to automate  
> this)

Done.  I agree.  I'll work on automating this.

> This was "working" all the way up to build 345
>   http://buildbot.darcs.net/builders/zooko%20allmydata%20virtual2% 
> 20Windows-XP%20i386/builds/345/steps/compile/logs/stdio
> with no (presumably) changes in Zooko's setup.
> Then it broke in build 346.  I've just worked out these build  
> numbers recently.

Having a buildbot is extremely useful for "localizing" breakage to a  
specific change ("temporalizing"?).  I think this might be why it is  
considered so important to have an all-green buildbot -- because then  
if something breaks everyone knows that it was "this change right  
here" that caused the breakage.

But if you don't have an all-green buildbot and so you don't  
necessarily notice right away, you can search backwards through the  
build histories to figure it out, like you just did.



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