[darcs-users] darcs patch: Refactor "darcs show authors" help.

Simon Michael simon at joyful.com
Sun Mar 15 05:33:38 UTC 2009

> + "An author's name or email address may change over time. 

Also, this is for tidying up the inevitable silly mispellings and 
inconsistencies that crop up due to unfamiliarity, unconfigured darcs, 
recording patches on strange machines etc.

> + "when multiple author strings refer to the same individual, create an\n" ++
> + "`.authorspellings' file in the root of the working tree.  Each line in\n" ++
> + "this file begins with an author's canonical name and address, and may\n" ++
> + "be followed by a comma and zero or more extended regular expressions,\n" ++

One or more, a comma and zero regexps wouldn't make sense.

> + "Any patch with an author string that matches the canonical address or\n" ++

Any patch with an author string that contains the email address 
extracted from the canonical address. That's why I recommend the Name 
<email> form, the canonical email won't be noticed if it's not in angle 

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