[darcs-users] darcs mv will be renamed to darcs move

Eric Kow kowey at darcs.net
Mon Mar 16 15:25:46 UTC 2009

On Mon, Mar 16, 2009 at 09:08:19 -0600, zooko wrote:
> I weakly object.  Have any users experienced problems with the current 
> naming?  Many users experienced problems with the *previous* naming, 
> because they would write "darcs rm" and it would say something "No such 
> command" and they would be confused and ask for help.  But since we added 
> the stub that explains the important distinction between "rm foo" and 
> "darcs remove foo" I haven't heard any more complaints.

Ah, I see I forgot to give more context:

The motivations seems to be that it is clearer.
Pasting what Trent commented in particular:
| Though I'm a Unix user, I don't consider that an adequate reason for
| "mv" to be the default.  A non-negligible portion of our userbase are
| on Windows and (presumably) do not think in terms of "mv".  When a
| user is looking through "darcs help", I think even Unix users will
| generally look for "move" before they look for "mv".  And if a Unix
| user intuitively types "darcs mv", it will still work (because mv and
| move stay synonymous).

There is also this older discussion from the time you mentioned:

> So I don't understand why to change what isn't broken, but if someone  
> else has a good reason, I don't object strongly enough to argue about  
> it.

I can wait a little bit more...

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