[darcs-users] darcs error: "cannot handle mergers" ??

Steven G. Johnson stevenj at ab-initio.mit.edu
Mon Mar 16 20:04:39 UTC 2009

Eric Kow (kowey at darcs.net) wrote:
> I did a darcs help optimize with darcs 1.0.9 and found that it has a
> --modernize-patches option.  Could you try that?  Needless to say, it
> may be good to create a tarball of the original repository before
> optimizing it.

Thanks for your rapid response, Eric.

I tried darcs 1.0.9 (after patching it to work with ghc 6.8.2 using 
instructions I found online).  It succeeded (at least, it printed "Done 
optimizing!" without printing an error), but darcs 2.0.2 still gives the 
same error when I run any command.

> If you could put these online, it would be great! (as an example to us
> for the kinds of repositories we should try to keep in mind)

Since "darcs get" fails on this repo, I put a tarball of the repository at


(David Roundy might recognize it -- this is descended from a project 
[http://ab-initio.mit.edu/meep] that he started when he was in our group 
at MIT, and he's the reason it uses darcs of course.)



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