[darcs-users] Darcsforge update (from: Comercial hosting and branching)

Gour gour at mail.inet.hr
Wed Mar 18 07:30:33 UTC 2009

>>>>> "Max" == Max Battcher <me at worldmaker.net> writes:
Max> I've got a bunch of good patches I'm sitting on in a local
Max> repository that I should probably publish sooner rather than
Max> later...  I've been trying to get it to a deployable point where
Max> Repositories and Files mostly work, and possibly Tags.


Max> Once I get it next deployed I'm debating asking around for interest
Max> in paid, private hosting with it to help me continue to work on it.
Max> My current thoughts are something like $15-$50 per month per
Max> project, with "unlimited" (mostly related) repositories per project
Max> (including "user" repositories) and big/healthy quota caps between
Max> levels (possibly with micro-payments over the quotas).  Important
Max> features that I see being Day 1 features: SSL support (you buy the
Max> cert, we host it; you can have all visits of your private project
Max> site redirect to the SSL-encrypted site) and CNAME support
Max> (project.yourcompany.com rather than or in addition to
Max> yourcompanyproject.whatevermyhostingsitegetscalled.com).

Hmm, I must say that the above pricing is a bit expensive for me - for
$20/m one can get the whole VPS at .e.g Linode.

Moreover, atm I have some small hosting at djangohosting.ch for 4€/m and
can put (almost) whatever I like there.

Max> I'm hopeful that once things get going the prices would probably
Max> drop or the quotas will continually rise. I certainly feel that I
Max> would need some time before I've figured out the economy of scale
Max> of the thing; I certainly don't have major site hosting experience
Max> and am not entirely thrilled to run such a beast by myself, but
Max> hopefully it will mostly run itself or I can spin it off/sell it
Max> down the road if it is a successful venture.

However, it would be (maybe) more productive to build community around
darcsforge which can support the project later.


Max> Wow, that "brief" status report turned out longer than I
Max> thought... Hopefully there might be something of interest in my
Max> ruminations above.

Thanks a lot for detailed report.

I see that happstack is evolving fast and there is Turbinado as well
getting support for CGI serving in latest incarnation, so darcsforge
needs more public presence in order to catch it...



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