[darcs-users] [darcs-devel] buildbot failure in darcs on thorkil tn9 Linux-2.6.13-15 SUSE-10.0 i686

Thorkil Naur naur at post11.tele.dk
Wed Mar 18 15:10:04 UTC 2009


On Sunday 15 March 2009 22:52, buildbot-darcs at allmydata.org wrote:
> The Buildbot has detected a new failure of thorkil tn9 Linux-2.6.13-15 
SUSE-10.0 i686 on darcs.
> Full details are available at:

This build failed with a configure problem, apparently fixed. But the next 
build stops at the compile 
with this message:

> runghc Setup build
>  in dir /home/tn/tn/buildbot/darcs/thorkil_linux/thorkil tn9/build
>  watching logfiles {}
>  argv: ['runghc', 'Setup', 'build']
>  environment: {...
> Setup: Package darcs-2.2.0 can't be built on this system.
> program finished with exit code 1

Details, running by hand:

> tn at linux:~/tn/buildbot/darcs/thorkil_linux/thorkil tn9/build> ./Setup build 
> Creating dist/build/autogen (and its parents)
> ("darcs",["changes","--from-tag","2.2.0"])
> ("darcs",["changes","--context"])
> ("darcs",["changes","--from-tag","2.2.0","--count"])
> darcs returned ExitFailure 2 with error message:
> darcs failed: unrecognized option `--count'
> Setup: Package darcs-2.2.0 can't be built on this system.
> tn at linux:~/tn/buildbot/darcs/thorkil_linux/thorkil tn9/build> darcs 
> 2.0.0 (unknown)
> tn at linux:~/tn/buildbot/darcs/thorkil_linux/thorkil tn9/build>

So should I upgrade darcs? Something else? Advice would be most welcome.

> ...

Best regards

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