[darcs-users] Darcsforge update (from: Comercial hosting and branching)

Max Battcher me at worldmaker.net
Wed Mar 18 22:25:46 UTC 2009

Gour wrote:
>>>>>> "Max" == Max Battcher <me at worldmaker.net> writes:
> Max> Once I get it next deployed I'm debating asking around for interest
> Max> in paid, private hosting with it to help me continue to work on it.
> Max> My current thoughts are something like $15-$50 per month per
> Max> project, with "unlimited" (mostly related) repositories per project
> Max> (including "user" repositories) and big/healthy quota caps between
> Max> levels (possibly with micro-payments over the quotas).  Important
> Max> features that I see being Day 1 features: SSL support (you buy the
> Max> cert, we host it; you can have all visits of your private project
> Max> site redirect to the SSL-encrypted site) and CNAME support
> Max> (project.yourcompany.com rather than or in addition to
> Max> yourcompanyproject.whatevermyhostingsitegetscalled.com).
> Hmm, I must say that the above pricing is a bit expensive for me - for
> $20/m one can get the whole VPS at .e.g Linode.
> Moreover, atm I have some small hosting at djangohosting.ch for 4€/m and
> can put (almost) whatever I like there.

I'm absolutely keeping that in mind. My Darcsforge has always been open 
source, top to bottom, and my goal is that it will continue to be so. If 
I do start doing paid Darcsforge-based hosting, under whatever name I 
might use for that, I'm going to do it well with the knowledge that 
knowledgeable people with Django hosting experience can run it 
themselves, or even run competitive hosting with my exact source code... 
  To be honest I think that's an important goal for a DVCS-based tool 
and one of my harshest criticisms of github/bitbucket/et al. I think 
that companies should have easy to find paid hosting, but I also think 
that people and companies should have paths to in-house hosting and 
whatever hybrids they might need. Darcs works well distributed, the 
web-serving environments should too.

Any goals for paid hosting are for those that want to pay someone to 
support it, and also have fit within my current "corporate plans" where 
Darcsforge is a low priority (roughly 20% time) project.  (Which is also 
why, with patch-tag available, I'm certainly not contemplating any sort 
of free hosting.) I'm also considering other sorts of paid support to 
help continue my development work on it; such as setting up easy-to-use 
paid EC2 instances or support contracts.

--Max Battcher--

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