[darcs-users] Suggestion: remind user of DARCS_EMAIL

Max Battcher me at worldmaker.net
Wed Mar 25 07:23:38 UTC 2009

Dan Pascu wrote:
>> I'm willing to bet that my suggestion better mirrors the workflow of
>> the average user: Oh, I need an email to attach to patches when I
>> record? Ok. Oh, I can set it so that darcs doesn't ask me again for
>> this user account? Great.
> Again, I exposed in my email the dangers of having the global identity if 
> you use multiple identities in different projects. My proposal still lets 
> you set a global identity, but prevents you from forgetting about it and 
> inadvertently using it in a new project that needs another one.

My point is that you over-estimate "the dangers". I think darcs should 
offer to set the user-global author file, because a large number of 
users will want that. Your suggestion not only doesn't offer that "nice 
to have" feature, but then goes on to add additional doubt to the user's 
own global author file. IMNSHO, if it is set, it should be honored.

To be honest, I still find your proposal much more annoying than mine. I 
don't want darcs "preventing me from forgetting about a global author 
file", but I would like darcs "offering to set a global author file".

To recap:

+1 always setting ~/.darcs/author
or +1 prompting to set ~/.darcs/author
-1 prompting if ~/.darcs/author "is what I really, really, want"

--Max Battcher--

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