[darcs-users] Suggestion: remind user of DARCS_EMAIL

Dan Pascu dan at ag-projects.com
Wed Mar 25 09:13:13 UTC 2009

On Wednesday 25 March 2009, Max Battcher wrote:
> Dan Pascu wrote:
> >> I'm willing to bet that my suggestion better mirrors the workflow of
> >> the average user: Oh, I need an email to attach to patches when I
> >> record? Ok. Oh, I can set it so that darcs doesn't ask me again for
> >> this user account? Great.
> >
> > Again, I exposed in my email the dangers of having the global
> > identity if you use multiple identities in different projects. My
> > proposal still lets you set a global identity, but prevents you from
> > forgetting about it and inadvertently using it in a new project that
> > needs another one.
> My point is that you over-estimate "the dangers".

I don't think I do. Something that is rarely used it's very easy to 
forget. I would hate to find myself 10 patches in a new project just to 
realize that I used the wrong identity and I have to redo that, only 
because I use other identities so rarely and I set a global one that 
stopped darcs from asking everytime a new repo is created.

> I think darcs should 
> offer to set the user-global author file, because a large number of
> users will want that. Your suggestion not only doesn't offer that "nice
> to have" feature, but then goes on to add additional doubt to the
> user's own global author file.

Large or not is debatable. None of us has data about how people use darcs 
to declare such a thing. And ignoring the size of the group, it's not 
nice to subject the other group (large or not) to the inconvenience of 
having to answer 2 questions because the first group prefers to answer 

> IMNSHO, if it is set, it should be honored.

Which it is. All I proposed is to allow the user to overwrite the global 
default on a per repository basis, without having to remember he has to 
do it before recording by using cp or echo. And the ones who only want 1 
global identity, only need to press enter to the question.
The point is once the global identity is set, darcs never asks per 
repository, so I have to resort to manually adding an author file per 
repository, which is not something I look forward to.

> To be honest, I still find your proposal much more annoying than mine.
> I don't want darcs "preventing me from forgetting about a global author
> file", but I would like darcs "offering to set a global author file".
> To recap:
> +1 always setting ~/.darcs/author
> or +1 prompting to set ~/.darcs/author
> -1 prompting if ~/.darcs/author "is what I really, really, want"
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