[darcs-users] Recap: remind user of DARCS_EMAIL?

Dan Pascu dan at ag-projects.com
Wed Mar 25 12:15:34 UTC 2009

On Wednesday 25 March 2009, Eric Kow wrote:
> There have been proposals to
> (A) make darcs tell you more things
> (B) write to the global ~/.darcs/author and not just the
>     repository-local _darcs/prefs/author
> (C) modify or add prompts, asking you if you want to write to
>     ~/.darcs/author, or asking you if you want to use the value
>     from ~/.darcs/author in your _darcs/prefs/author.
> There are good reasons for all the proposals.  There are also reasons
> to be nervous about (B) [the possibility of naive users getting stuck
> with settings they don't want] and (C) prompts getting in people's way.
>  As far as I can tell, nobody is objecting to (A).

Probably because none considered A as an effective solution. While darcs 
can tell me more things, I'm still left in one of the 2 cases I was in 

1. Be annoyed that I have to type in the email with every new repository
2. Set ~/.darcs/author and find myself that I used the wrong identity for 
some new project.


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