[darcs-users] darcs patch: Made --summary --xml-output work for other commands th...

Florian Gilcher flo at andersground.net
Fri Mar 27 20:14:53 UTC 2009

Fri Mar 27 18:51:25 CET 2009  Florian Gilcher <flo at andersground.net>
  * Made --summary --xml-output work for other commands then changes
  Makes print_dry_run_message_and_exit care for --summary --xml-output and print a summary-tag inside the return XML.
  Adapted the Algorithm from Changes.lhs and copied insert_before_lastline from there. (not nice, but works)
   The manual suggests 'darcs pull --dry-run' to get the difference between 2 repositories. If you want to see the changes
   in detail, 'darcs pull --summary --dry-run' is the way to go. This works great, until --xml comes into play, which behaves
   different from the parameter in 'darcs changes' - it silently ignores --summary and prints no summary.
   This patch should fix that.

   Adapted the algorithm from Changes.lhs in Arguments.hs. This also involved copying insert_before_lastline (i didn't want
   to create an include-Dependency here). Maybe that should be factored out of changes anyways.  
   A bloody Haskell beginner. Please review the code and bury me under evil comments ;).

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