[darcs-users] darcs interactive use from non-terminals

Ben Moseley ben_moseley at mac.com
Tue Mar 31 20:11:16 UTC 2009


One thing which I find somewhat of an annoyance is that I've  
discovered no way to use darcs in interactive mode from within  
something which isn't a real (pseudo)terminal (eg from within M-x  
shell / M-x eshell etc in emacs).

I think the problem boils down to the fact that the darcs code (which  
I haven't yet examined properly) is expecting to be able to detect  
single keypresses (ie raw terminal input) rather than line-based input.

I mentioned to Eric that I might take a look at this, and he thought  
it'd be best to check whether other people have any opinions about  
this. (I hadn't really come up with any concrete plans, but was maybe  
thinking about a standard darcs option which would allow darcs to  
accept responses as individual lines of input ... actually some kind  
of auto-detection based on terminal capabilities might be preferable -  
but might be more fragile...).

P.S. darcsum.el is great - but is only a partial solution...

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