[darcs-users] darcs interactive use from non-terminals

Trent W. Buck trentbuck at gmail.com
Tue Mar 31 23:45:42 UTC 2009

Ben Moseley <ben_moseley at mac.com> writes:

> One thing which I find somewhat of an annoyance is that I've
> discovered no way to use darcs in interactive mode from within
> something which isn't a real (pseudo)terminal (eg from within M-x
> shell / M-x eshell etc in emacs).
> I think the problem boils down to the fact that the darcs code (which
> I haven't yet examined properly) is expecting to be able to detect
> single keypresses (ie raw terminal input) rather than line-based
> input.

I haven't tried it since Haskeline was introduced, but it *used to* work
perfectly find in M-x shell.  The only difference was that you had to
type RET after answering each prompt (because, as you say, TERM=dumb
queues up the whole line before sending it to the application.)

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