[darcs-users] darcs send with remote server unavailable

Neil Mitchell ndmitchell at gmail.com
Wed May 6 14:53:59 UTC 2009

>> However, when the remote server goes down I can't darcs push (fair
>> enough), but I also loose the ability to darcs send. When the remote
>> server dies what is the recommended way to transfer patches between
>> machines via email?
> The last time I pondered this in #darcs, I think the suggested
> solution was to do a darcs get/pull into another directory, omitting
> your new patches, and then do a darcs send -o against that incomplete
> repo (since presumably it's incomplete in the same way as your flaky
> remote server). Then you can send the patch file as you please.

I thought about that as a possible solution, but:

1) It seems like way too much hassle, for something that should be
easy, and capitalises on darcs strengths.

2) The most likely time you'll need it is immediately after you
realise you can't push to your server. At that point you can't make
the initial pull. If you server flakes out regularly it's sufficient,
but if its occasional you're still stuffed.

3) It's quite complex to explain. This bug is in the context of my g/f
using darcs, and the fewer commands/interactions I give her the
better. It really is a massive strength of darcs that ~4 commands is
sufficient for everyday use, while git requires ~20.



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