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Petr Rockai me at mornfall.net
Tue May 26 10:19:59 UTC 2009


Ganesh Sittampalam <ganesh at earth.li> writes:
> What will the release schedule for 2.3 be? In particular when will the freeze
> be? At least two weeks notice would be good!

first of all, let's clear up what is 2.3 supposed to contain and such. This is
the summary of changes currently available in http://darcs.net repo:

What we have now

- lots and lots of documentation changes (Trent)
- haskeline improvements (Judah)
- cabal as default buildsystem (many contributors)
- fixes in darcs check/repair memory usage (Bertram, David)
- performance improvement in subtree record (Reinier)
- --summary --xml (Florian Gilcher)
- changes --max-count (Eric and myself)
- fix changes --only-to-files for renames (Dmitry)
- performance fix in "darcs changes" (Benedikt)
- hardlinks on NTFS (Salvatore)
- coalesce more changes when creating rollbacks (David)
- new unit test runner (Reinier)
- darcs-shell in contrib (László, Trent)
- .authorspellings (Simon) -- I find this to be controversial though

A number of issues has been resolved as well:

 948 darcsman (Trent)
1206 countable nouns (Trent)
1285 cabal test v. cabal clean (Trent)
1302 use resolved, not resolved-in-unstable (Trent)
1235 obliterate --summary (Rob)
1270 no MOTD for --xml-output (Lele)
1311 cover more timezones (Dave)
1292 re-encoding haskeline input (Judah)
1313 clickable ToC and refs in PDF manual Trent)
1310 create merged \darcsCommand{add} (Trent)
1333 better "cannot push to current repository" warning (Petr)
1347 (autoconf) check for unsafeMMapFile if mmap use enabled (Dave)
1361 specify required includes for curl in cabal file (Reinier)
1379 remove libwww support (Trent)
1366 remove unreachable code for direct ncurses use (Trent)
1271 do not install two copies of darcs.pdf (Trent)
1358 encode non-ASCII characters in mail headers (Reinier)
1393 swap "darcs mv" and "darcs move" (Trent)
1405 improve discoverability of global author file (Trent)
1402 don't "phone home" about bugs (Trent)
1301 remove obsolete zsh completion scripts (Trent)
1162 makeAbsolute is now a total function (Ben F)
1269 setpref predist - exitcode ignored bug (Ben M)
1415 --edit-long-comment, not --edit-description, in help (Trent)
1413 remove duplicate documentation (Trent)
1423 complain about empty add/remove (Trent)
1437 Implement darcs changes --max-count (Eric)
1430 lazy pattern matching in (-:-) from Changes command module (Dmitry)
1434 refactor example test (Trent)
1432 refer to %APPDATA%, not %USERPROFILE% (Trent)
1186 give a chance to abort if user did not edit description file (Dmitry)
1446 make amend-record -m foo replace only the patch name (Dmitry)
1435 default to get --hashed from a darcs-1.0 source (Trent)
1312 update and reduce build notes (Trent)
1351 fix repository path handling on Windows (Salvatore)
1173 support hard links on NTFS (Salvatore)
1248 support compressed inventories for darcs-1 repos (Ganesh)
1455 implement "darcs help environment" (Trent)

Planned for release

Now, what else we want in the release? We likely want the CRC fix that Ganesh
is working on. We may or may not want (part of) my hashed-storage work. There
are some other issues on the roadmap.

There is a number of unassigned issues targeted for 2.3. Please if you are
going to (at least try to) tackle any of these in following 15-45 days, assign
them to yourself and let us know about your plans:

    1204 pull => src/Darcs/Patch/Real.lhs:(479, 21)-(497, 99): Irrefutable
         pattern failed for pattern Data.Maybe.Just a2 (2.1.0+236) (unassigned)
     987 fetching patches is way too slow (unassigned)
      26 Darcs needs real MIME parsing, fails with Mail.app, Courier (unassigned)
     814 darcs whatsnew -s does too much work (unassigned)
     849 wish: output configure options in darcs --exact-version (unassigned)
    1389 Have Darcs repo's predist preference use cabal? (unassigned)

Otherwise, I will drop them out of release, since the time is getting short.

There are some issues that I would like to get done, and should be doable in a
few weeks time that we have left:

    1153 darcs waits to hear back from servers unnecessarily (Petr)
    1210 global cache gets recorded in _darcs/prefs/sources (Petr)

There is the CRC one (it is assigned to ckeen, but Ganesh is working on
it). Ganesh, do you expect any timing issues with the schedule as outlined

    1239 detect and repair gz crc checksum errors

Then comes Jason's witness work, which I believe will need to wait till Jason
has more darcs time, and is therefore unlikely to be resolved for 2.3:

    1288 Make all of darcs compile with witnesses enabled (Jason)

And the filecache -- Benedikt, could you please give us an update and an
estimate whether you are going to make it with the below schedule (and for what
value of N).

     984 wish: drastically improve darcs annotate performance (Benedikt)

There's my hashed-storage work. I am almost inclined to include the
"whatsnew-only" part of it in the release, with the provision that it can be
easily backed out after beta 1 if anything breaks.

    1202 darcs whatsnew significantly slower on a hashed repository (cache on
         network drive) (Petr)

Only one issue left, Trent or Eric may want to comment?

    1334 Whitespace cleanup after Darcs 2.3.0. (Trent)


Anyway, here is a floating version of the last release schedule:

N: release branch is shallow-frozen; only patches fixing important issues or
   implementing release goals will be let in
N+3: pre1 is tagged and released (beta 1, really)
N+15: release branch is deep-frozen, only release-critical fixes can go in
N+18: pre2 (beta 2)
N+25: rc1 (rc 1)
N+30: final

The default would be to set N = 15th of June, but of course there is some
flexibility. With the default N, there is still good 30 days left to get the
release goals into mainline (which includes the CRC fixes). If needed, we can
push N back up to 30th of June, buying us extra 15 days, or if we are
optimistic, we can move it forward a little.

That's it, I'm looking forward to your feedback.


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