[darcs-users] darcs patch: switch Darcs.Patch.FileName to be ByteString.Char8 int...

Benjamin Franksen ben.franksen at online.de
Fri Oct 2 12:12:26 UTC 2009

Jason Dagit wrote:
> My test case is as follows:
> 0) Get a tar ball of the linux source
> 1) cd linux; darcs add --recursive *
> 2) echo q | darcs record -m "import" +RTS -sstderr -p -hc -RTS
> 3) compare various modifications

For curiosity I tried it on my machine with 2.3.1.

I did this:

cd linux-
darcs initialize
darcs record -lam 'imported linux-'
darcs: out of memory (requested 1048576 bytes)

I have 4GB of RAM. GHCRTS is not set in the environment.

I also tried to separately 'darcs add -r *' and record afterwards bu the 
result is the same (out of memory when recording).

Is this a known bug?


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