[darcs-users] darcs patch: Resolve issue1588: make--dont-allow-conflicts filter ...

Dan Pascu dan at ag-projects.com
Mon Oct 5 13:25:05 UTC 2009

On 5 Oct 2009, at 00:23, Eric Kow wrote:

> It sounds fairly reasonable to me to expect that people generally are
> not going to put --skip-conflicts in their defaults, and also to treat
> conflict choice as orthogonal to conflict resolution.

Seems fairly reasonable, until some user finds a use for it :).  
Besides you should be able to handle the situation, as the user is  
allowed to create it. I would even find it weird if some sibling  
options are allowed on the defaults file, but some other are only  
allowed on the command line.

>  --mark-conflicts
> and friends would have no effect when --skip-conflicts is around, but
> those not seem like a problem since --skip-conflicts is stronger  
> anyway.

My opinion is that developers should put the user hat on and try to  
see this from the user perspective. If these 4 options controlling how  
conflicts are to be handled, are not mutually exclusive but have  
varying particular effects on each other, it will make it hard for  
users to remember their relationships and what is even harder is to  
remember what options were put where, in order to try to mentally  
compute what the result of the command one types will be.

I know of a similar case which I find to be very confusing: I define  
the external-merge options in the darcs defaults file and I do not use  
any of the options that control how the conflict is handled in the  
defaults file. The if I use darcs pull --dont-allow-conflicts and  
there is a conflict I still get the program that I defined as external- 
merge to run and it acts as if the --mark-conflicts was in effect.
Now I know that mark-conflicts is the default, but if I specify --dont- 
allow-conflicts on the command line, I expect it to do exactly that,  
not to use mark-conflict because somehow external-merge options in  
some defaults file depends on that and enforces it no matter what I  
say on the command line.

This kind of behavior is both unexpected and confusing to users, so  
the simpler we keep it (in this case make them mutually exclusive and  
take the last option) the easier will be to use them.


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