[darcs-users] Regular Expression libraries and linker errors

Ben Franksen benjamin.franksen at bessy.de
Mon Oct 5 21:04:51 UTC 2009

Jason Dagit wrote:
> <benjamin.franksen at bessy.de>wrote:
>> Jason Dagit wrote:
>> > It's possible that regex-pcre gives better performance than regex-posix
>> I made some tests using the new criterion package (excellent for stuff
>> like that) and found regex-pcre to be faster by a factor of 3 to 9,
>> depending on regex and test string. I did not test it with darcs, but I
>> took some random regexes from the standard boring file and a random file
>> with a long path.
> I agree about criterion.  Thanks for checking on that, it saves me some
> time.
> Did you use Strings or ByteStrings?



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