[darcs-users] hashed-storage work now merged in (woo!)

Simon Michael simon at joyful.com
Thu Oct 8 21:23:30 UTC 2009

Congratulations and thanks!

> For best results, please run darcs optimize --upgrade followed by darcs
> optimize --pristine.  Pay attention over the next couple of weeks when
> you try a record, amend, revert, unrecord.  If we've done our work
> right, there should be nothing to see.  Darcs should be less noticeable,
> with fewer "Synchronizing pristine" messages and a faster return to the
> command prompt.  We think you'll like it.  But please get back to us.
> Is Darcs faster for you?

Will do. But how do we measure speedups/slowdowns more systematically ? As we've seen, relying on normal usage to catch 
regressions is chancy - the space of darcs/command/environment/repo configurations is too large.

I wonder what's current best practice for darcs benchmarking. I guess the cheapest way to get some comparable numbers is 
to track the speed of operations on the latest darcs repo - it's reasonably sized and usually available...

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