[darcs-users] _darcs/prefs/email in patch-tag.com repos

Trent W. Buck trentbuck at gmail.com
Sun Oct 11 06:00:36 UTC 2009

Thomas Hartman <thomashartman1 at googlemail.com> writes:

> At the request of users, I started to implement a behavior in
> patch-tag where the _darcs/prefs/email gets set to the primary email
> of the user that owns the repo.
> However, I don't think this will be useful, because when I darcs get a
> repo with the _darcs/prefs/email file set, the fetched repo is missing
> that file.

"darcs send" uses the remote _darcs/prefs/email to work out where to
send patches.  For example, if you

    darcs get --lazy http://darcs.net/ darcs

then "darcs send" in your local repository will check this:

    $ curl http://darcs.net/_darcs/prefs/email
    darcs-users at darcs.net

So the value of _darcs/prefs/email only matters in repos that are sent
*to*, not sent *from*.

There are use cases where _darcs/prefs/email should be copied, and use
cases where it should not by copied.  Darcs currently can't handle both,
so the behaviour "never copy" is preferred over "always copy", because
the former will prompt the user, and the latter will send the submission
to the wrong address without prompting.

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