[darcs-users] Error on systems with case insensitive filesystems

Dan Pascu dan at ag-projects.com
Sat Oct 17 01:31:50 UTC 2009

Is it normal to see this error, when running a darcs 2.2.0 binary on a  
OSX system (case insensitive filesystem) and with a hashed repository?

$ darcs wh -sl

darcs failed:  Text.Regex.Posix.String died: (ReturnCode 14,"empty  

Without -l works just fine:

$ darcs wh -s
No changes!

If I freshly get the repo, it all works fine, until I build the  
project, which creates a lot of files under a build directory,  
including fetching a full svn repository in there and building it. At  
that point (when all is built), if I run darcs wh -sl, I get that  
error. After that, even if I clean the build and remove the build  
directory completely, darcs wh -sl keeps giving the above error. Which  
goes away if I get a fresh repo again.

I was under the impression that with darcs 2 and using a hashed repo,  
I should not see that kind of error on a system with a case  
insensitive filesystem. On linux with ext3 I never see this issue.


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