[darcs-users] SVN integration

Thomas Danecker tdanecker at gmail.com
Mon Oct 19 16:55:53 UTC 2009

Hi all!

I'm currently trying to fetch out some kind of "project plan"...
therefor I used some hours of the last weeks or so to look through the
current code base and get some overview about where to get started. As
far as I can see, the most interesting bits are those read_repo
methods (as in Darcs.Repository.Internal.read_repo with the
implementations in DarcsRepo and HashedRepo). Methinks that I'll need
another read_repo method for svn repositories and a special case for
the darcs push command, and lots of code to convert all the changes
from svn to darcs patches and back again. (Can someone confirm my
thoughts?) Where else would I have to interfere with existing code? I
could definitly use some guidance here...

So that are my questions for now, but more will follow soon :)


2009/10/5 Thomas Danecker <tdanecker at gmail.com>:
>>> SVN integration sounds like a nice project indeed.  I definitely like
>>> the idea of making open source part of university course work, and maybe
>>> we could even turn this into a Google Summer of Code project for next
>>> year :-)
>> Indeed this could form a nice project.
> Thanks for the positive feedback! I sent a small proposal to the
> course-team now. Let's wait for the response, but I'm confident that
> they like the idea too. If we get an ok, we can start to create a more
> thourough project plan.
> And a GSoC project sounds really great too! :)
> --
> Thomas

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