[darcs-users] darcs under Cygwin

Zooko Wilcox-O'Hearn zooko at zooko.com
Tue Oct 20 22:32:14 UTC 2009

> Well we have http://wiki.darcs.net/WindowsConfiguration that Emily  
> pointed out.

Sigh.  This is a bit frustrating.  The instructions linked to above  
are the ones that I wrote and maintained for a while.  I spent a lot  
of effort to make the instructions as quick and easy and foolproof as  
possible.  To do this required me to make a pre-packaged bundle of  
darcs and putty.  The instructions linked above still tell the use to  
get that bundle and how to install it, but the bundle itself has been  
removed from the "Binaries" section.  So, those instructions are  
pretty useless.  I suppose they ought to removed entirely, leaving  
users to go through the more complicated instructions such as these  

> http://blog.patch-tag.com/2009/03/01/howto-setup-windows-for-use- 
> with-darcs2-and-patch-tag/

Or the ones currently marked as "The Manual Process" on the darcs  
wiki WindowsConfiguration.

*Or* maybe we could get someone (Salvatore?) to plan to build bundles  
including new versions of darcs when new versions of darcs come out.   
It is really a pretty painless process.  I even wrote a bash script,  
so you just copy the new darcs executable into place and then run  
"buildem.sh" to generate the bundles.  Then you have to upload the  
bundles to somewhere that a user can download them.

> I'd suggest putting your wrapper up in a Darcs repository somewhere  
> and setting _darcs/prefs/email so that you can receive patches.  It  
> may trigger a diffusion of responsibility effect, but since you're  
> not in a position to commit to maintaining the Cygwin wrapper for  
> the moment (for good reason!), it's better than nothing :-)

Okay, here you go!




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