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Eric Kow kowey at darcs.net
Wed Oct 28 10:00:16 UTC 2009

A few clarifications and things I forgot to add

On Tue, Oct 27, 2009 at 16:26:41 +0000, Eric Kow wrote:
> Same email-centric workflow as before
> -------------------------------------

>  1. hacker darcs sends patches over email
>  2. a new message appears on darcs-users
>  3. a reviewer reviews the patch on the list and pushes it

This really is meant to be business as usual, with no new
behaviours to learn.

>  3b. For the patch manager's convenience (not that we have a
>      patch manager anymore), the reviewer could bcc the patch
>      tracker and add some metadata to update its state (see
>      below).

For example, we still review on darcs-users, exactly as before.

Hopefully in the future, DarcsWatch will automatically make the
association between patches (patch bundles) and patch numbers
and somehow be able to tell roundup that the patch is accepted.

Otherwise, you can use the bcc trick to kill two birds with one
stone (update people and update the tracker)

> Using the patch tracker
> -----------------------
> * To see a list of unassigned patches: click on 'Show Unassigned'
>   in the left hand sidebar.

This is now 'Show Open' and also shows the assigned patches (and
who they are assigned to)

> - Reply to says "Darcs bug tracker" (which looks weird)

This is easy to fix; but you'll have to modify roundup itself
(mailgw) in addition to our parameterisation.  We ought to get
to this someday because it can cause some confusion.

How to tweak the tracker
There are bound to be lots of little behavioural quirks and UI changes
to make.  If you'd like to help, just

  darcs get http://darcs.net/darcs-bugtracker

This should contain most of our config settings, our UI templates and
our issue tracker schema.  Just a tiny bit of Python hacking and the
Python TAL language for the UI.  If I can do it, so can you :-)

Patch manager needed
Finally, we still need a human being to stay on top of the patches,
assign them and nag as appropriate.  Having a patch tracker helps, and
would especially useful for the manager but as we're still limping along
without a real human being to do the job.  We're "hiring"!

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