[darcs-users] A formalization of Darcs patch theory using inverse semigroups (apfelmus)

Max Battcher me at worldmaker.net
Thu Oct 29 16:06:54 UTC 2009

I'm probably similarly confused as Eric, if not more so... Excuse my 
ignorance here, but I am interested in the practical repercussions of 
these discussions even if I can't bring much to the table on the 
theoretical side.

> On Thu, Oct 29, 2009 at 14:50:48 +0100, Heinrich Apfelmus wrote:
>> In any case, I once again would like to stress that it is my belief that
>> commutation is already too complicated to be a suitable foundation for
>> understanding the semantics of merges.
>> In other words, thinking about the intricacies of commutation is a waste
>> of our precious brain cycles. :) They are better spent on a simpler
>> formalization where each line has its own GUID.

A GUID for each line? Is this primarily to make the proofs of darcs 
theory better sync with OT (and/or other similar theories), or is this 
also a practical concern?

That is, is the assertion here that darcs itself should use a GUID for 
every single line? Wouldn't that be woefully inefficient?

 From a purely layman's standpoint it seems to me that as intricate as 
darcs commutation can get it appears to get the job done and that GUID's 
are rarely the answer to anything (other than how do we embroil this 
existing system with lots of rarely used cryptic strings).

I do see the practical use of Hashes/GUIDs for file naming as an 
abstraction from file systems, but I can't see a GUID for every line of 
source text requirement as a useful practical need for darcs. (I can 
understand if it is a useful formalization to create a specific test 
case, but largely if it is generally applicable to an understanding of 

Eric Kow wrote:
> Some things people have asked for:
>  - char hunks
>  - hunk movement
>  - some kind of tree structure editing

I'm still interested in playing more with token-stream based diffs 
driving char hunks:


--Max Battcher--

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