[darcs-users] peer review request for a hashed format upgrade plan

Mark Stosberg mark at summersault.com
Wed Sep 2 14:42:36 UTC 2009

I would like to upgrade repos in a project to the "hashed" format when possible
and would like a peer review of the plan.

On "Production Box" we are still stuck with a darcs 1 binary for now, and plan
to keep the beta and production repos there in the "old fashioned" format.

On the "Dev Box", we have an "alpha" tree, and several developer trees.  We
regularly pull from alpha and beta, and rarely push back from beta to alpha.
The Dev box has Darcs 2.3  installed it. 

It seems safe to me to upgrade the developer repos to the hashed format, as
they only usually push and pull from the alpha repo (in oldfashioned format),
using a Darcs 2 binary.

We will avoid a full darcs-2 format upgrade for the flexibility that the hashed format
can be converted back to old-fashioned in a pitch. (We have rare cases where a
developer feature branch may replace production).

Does that sound like a reasonable plan?

I was pleased to see that a "darcs get --hashed" completed without error on my
test repo.


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