[darcs-users] peer review request for a hashed format upgrade plan

Trent W. Buck twb at cybersource.com.au
Thu Sep 3 02:20:45 UTC 2009

Jason Dagit <dagit at codersbase.com> writes:

> Trent: I see that the manual does not mention what versions of darcs
> support which formats: http://darcs.net/manual/node6.html

This is covered in "darcs init --help", I think:

| In addition to the default `darcs-2' format, there are two backward
| compatibility formats for the _darcs directory.  These formats are
| only useful if some of your contributors do not have access to Darcs
| 2.0 or higher.  In that case, you need to use the original format
| (called `old-fashioned inventory' or `darcs-1') for any repositories
| those contributors access.
| As patches cannot be shared between darcs-2 and darcs-1 repositories,
| you cannot use the darcs-2 format for private branches of such a
| project.  Instead, you should use the `hashed' format, which provides
| most of the features of the darcs-2 format, while retaining the
| ability to share patches with darcs-1 repositories.  The `darcs get'
| command will do this by default.
| Once all contributors have access to Darcs 2.0 or higher, a darcs-1
| project can be migrated to darcs-2 using the `darcs convert' command.
| Darcs will create a hashed repository by default when you `darcs get'
| a repository in old-fashioned inventory format.  Once all contributors
| have upgraded to Darcs 2.0 or later, use `darcs convert' to convert
| the project to the darcs-2 format.

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