[darcs-users] Making Sense of Revision-control Systems by Bryan O'Sullivan

Max Battcher me at worldmaker.net
Fri Sep 4 05:12:41 UTC 2009

Jason Dagit wrote:
> I like this paragraph:
> For an example of novel publication, Mercurial supports ad hoc
> publication of repositories over a LAN using its built-in Web server,
> and it supports discovery of repositories using the Bonjour protocol.
> This is a potent combination for rapid development settings such as a
> software project's sprint: just open your laptop, share your
> repositories, and your Wi-Fi neighbors can find and pull your changes
> immediately, with no server infrastructure required.
> That's a pretty cool feature.  Darcs should borrow this cool idea!
> Ad-hoc networks to share patches.

Reminds me of my "crazy" idea to support get/push/pull via XMPP 
(Jabber/GTalk). I still think ad hoc distributed coding via IM could be 
amazingly useful.

As for bonjour, it might be possible to start with some like Giver_ and 
iterate quickly on a simple, stupid patch sharing tool.

.. _Giver: http://code.google.com/p/giver/

--Max Battcher--

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