[darcs-users] aliases for repositories

Olivier Schwander oschwand at chadok.info
Sun Sep 6 14:37:00 UTC 2009


Is there a way to define aliases for repositories ? I find it difficult
and error-prone to type the full repository path each time you want to
push or pull. The shell completion using the content of _darcs/repos is
not a perfect solution since it will be polluted by all the paths of
the filesystem and by all the repositories you ever push-pulled.

In a few word:

darcs pull upstream

instead of:

darcs pull http://example.net/darcs/project/main_branch

Moreover, I think it would be safer to use aliases because it is easier to
read one word than a full url (I am used to push/pull to/from the wrong branch
due to too much hitting TAB for completion).



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