[darcs-users] buildslaves sought

Petr Rockai me at mornfall.net
Tue Sep 8 14:07:48 UTC 2009


Now that we have the new buildmaster up and running, and we have the core
slaves in place and green, I'd like to ask the general darcs community to offer
buildslaves they can provide. There used to be a number of slaves on the old
buildbot -- we would like to see as many as it is feasible migrated to the new
buildmaster. Of course, completely new slaves are welcome as well.

The instructions are at the wiki: http://wiki.darcs.net/Development/BuildBot

For existing slaves, the migration should be easy, just change the buildmaster
address to buildmaster.darcs.net:9988 (the options buildmaster_host and port in
buildbot.tac in your buildslave's basedir). When you do this, please send me
your bot's name, password and any special options your bot needs to work. Also,
include a notice whether you want the bot to update darcs dependencies via
cabal automatically (cabal update, cabal install <dependencies>), or you prefer
to do this manually.

Moreover, we now have somewhat higher requirements for the buildbot, as it is
becoming a more central part of our development infrastructure. Essentially, we
expect the bots to work correctly all the time: we are seeking to minimise
redness in the buildbot due to out of date packages on slaves, slaves
disappearing unexpectedly or general slave brokenness. Since we now also have
more powerful tools at our disposal, this should be easier to attain than in
the past. With cabal and haskell-platform, maintaining a well-working Haskell
setup should be relatively easy. Moreover, we now have the option to make the
buildslaves themselves care for build-dependencies through cabal (see above).

Therefore, we ask you to consider honestly whether you can provide a slave that
would be able to provide good and stable service to the community, within above
guidelines. If in doubt, please ask! To make your deciding easier, I have made
a short list of pros and cons to contributing a buildslave to darcs:

The cons: (a) the initial work to set things up (b) a certain amount of extra
load on your machine (c) we may bother you from time to time if your slave goes
awry and (d) we may bother you from time to time if we break darcs for your
platform and we have nowhere else to go.

And the pros: (a) higher quality darcs for everybody (b) higher quality darcs
for your platform (c) less work for the people on the development team (which
should translate into fixed bugs and implemented features) and (d) you get
listed on the buildbot's front page and therefore become famous. Finally, (e) a
well-maintained buildslave is a contribution to darcs like any other, and with
contributing comes credit within the community.


PS: http://buildbot.darcs.net

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