[darcs-users] darcs patch: Add failing test for issue1488: a 'fromJust error' in ...

Eric Kow kowey at darcs.net
Wed Sep 9 06:26:09 UTC 2009

On Wed, Sep 09, 2009 at 07:51:56 +0200, Marnix Klooster wrote:
> Wed Sep  9 07:20:14 CEST 2009  Marnix Klooster <marnix.klooster at gmail.com>
>   * Add failing test for issue1488: a 'fromJust error' in 'darcs whatsnew -l'

Thanks much!  This is Trent's area of expertise, but I wanted to jump in
with an immediate reply as a way of saying "thanks :-)"

OK just a couple more requests ;-)
Please amend --edit that to Accept issue1488: ...

Content-Description: A darcs patch for your repository!
> +rm -rf R
> +
> +mkdir -p R/Foo/Bar		# 2 directory levels needed
> +cd R
> +darcs init
> +cd Foo/Bar
> +# and now the real problem causer:
> +darcs whatsnew -l .		# a "fromJust error" in Whatsnew.lhs


> +rm -rf R

You're no longer in the right directory to rm -rf R.

For what it's worth, I've pretty much stopped cleaning up the old repo
and started relying on subsequent scripts to clean out what they use.  I
figure that this makes the test easier to use (you can just cabal test
tests/failing-issue1488-etc.sh and then look at tests-darcs-2/R).  I'll
resubmit my EXAMPLE.sh modifications that I proposed earlier

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