[darcs-users] darcswatch/roundup integration

Eric Kow kowey at darcs.net
Wed Sep 9 20:50:27 UTC 2009

> > I’d welcome any help, as my own motivation is not too great here (darcswatch
> > fully fulfills my needs at the moment) - I hope understand that POV.

Yep! I know how that feels.

Please allow me to cheerlead for a moment.  Imagine a future where
everybody in the Haskell community is using darcswatch and getting all
sorts of warm fuzzy feelings from it.

Or one where darcswatch is integrated into patch-tag.com with a slick
user interface.  Imagine the day where patch-tag.com or DarcsForge go
above and beyond what github is trying to accomplish and start taking
full advantage of the things that make darcs special: cherry picking,
first class patches.

OK there would still need to be a lot of work that needs to happen in
the darcs end before we can dream of leapfrogging github.  For example,
we need to make it easier for people to visualise dependencies between

But right here, right now, we have this rather useful darcs-aware patch
tracking mechanism.  We just need to give a little bit of work, just a
little nudge forward that it becomes self-evident that any project using
darcs would be silly not to take advantage of darcswatch too.

Darcswatch could be a vital piece of the puzzle.  Think: Gitit, darcs,
darcswatch.  Lots of things falling into place.

> > Also, I don’t know much about roundup.

OK so one thought I had was that it might be interesting to see the
DarcsWatch UI decoupled from the DarcsWatch core (which I understand to
be monitoring emails with patches or that refer to patches).

So maybe with relatively little investment on your part learning about
these other tools you could just treat DarcsWatch as a third party to
itself.  Then somebody else can walk in and try plugging something else
in place.

> > So, what would be the best way to read data from roundup? Make it send out mails
> > upon each change (included attached patches and status changes)? Scrape the web?
> > Run some script on the roundup side that neatly formats the required data?

Roundup is very scriptable.  You can import the roundup module in Python
and ask it for structured data on the items, their history, etc.

See http://wiki.darcs.net/BugTracker/Automation for example.


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