[darcs-users] [issue1605] Allow test when sending or pushing rather than recording

Florent Becker florent.becker at ens-lyon.org
Thu Sep 10 14:52:05 UTC 2009

Eric Kow wrote:

> Here's a new UI proposal by Florent:
> On Thu, Sep 10, 2009 at 14:34:15 +0000, Florent Becker wrote:
>> Testing patches at record time is nice, but it can really disrupt the
>> workflow, and the temptation is always great to use --no-test. But using
>> --no-test is not satisfactory either: who as never sent or pushed a junk
>> patch that way. I propose that a line 'Untested' be added to the
>> description of any patch recorded with --no-test. It can then be removed
>> by running amend-record --edit and testing.
>> When sending and pushing, darcs should test any patch that has the
>> Untested tag (one by one). pull should also warn about pulling untested
>> patches.
> My take is that we should keep things simple by making amend/record
> --no-test and push/send --test the default (interestingly push/send
> --test would be after cherry picking of patches but before the actual
> action).
> Note that there is a pending list of default switches to swap around
> on http://wiki.darcs.net/DefaultSwitches

The point of the Untested tag here is that if you send/push to multiple 
repositories, you don't want to re-test them every time. 

amend-record would allow you to test and bless a patch without 
sending/pushing it. amend-record --test should probably silently remove
the 'Untested' tag.

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