[darcs-users] How to build the documentation

Miklos Vajna vmiklos at frugalware.org
Thu Sep 10 15:18:53 UTC 2009

On Thu, Sep 10, 2009 at 03:24:10PM +1000, "Trent W. Buck" <twb at cybersource.com.au> wrote:
> Unfortunately there is no code to build the TeX manual at the moment; it
> needs to be ported from the old autotools implementation to Cabal's
> Setup.lhs.  Patches welcome!  I'm sorry that this happened, but it was
> holding up the wider Cabal migration.

Hmm, I just looked at the history and it seems that the "Remove autoconf
support and cut GNUmakefile to only build manual and tags." patch by
Petr Rockai makes it possible to build the documentation again.
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