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Fri Sep 11 18:43:46 UTC 2009

Hello Petr,

You probably know that I have hosted darcs buildbot slaves earlier, and I would like to do that again. However:

1. I have fought a number of battles with cabal-install and lost them all, so me and cabal-install are not really good friends. I may take up my cabal-install fight again at some later date, but I am not really willing to do it in order to be able to host darcs buildbot slaves. So I would need an alternative description of the required setup that does not involve the use of cabal-install.

2. I understand the reason for heightening the requirements to the stability and service of the buildbot slaves, and I am uncertain whether I can live up to these requirements. The key question is this: Let's say that I went away on vacation for a week and left my buildbot slaves unattended or even turned off. Should I then feel bad about not notifying the darcs community about this?

Just to whet your appetite, let me mention that I can make darcs buildbot slaves available for PPC Mac OS X, Intel Mac OS X and probably also a rather dated (5.4) FreeBSD. I could even prepare a buildbot slave for a newer (6.something) FreeBSD, but that would take some persuasion. The machine that ran the Linux darcs buildbot slave that I hosted earlier is "dead", but you seem to have ample Linux slaves, so I will not worry about that.

Best regards 

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> Fra: Petr Rockai <me at mornfall.net>
> Til: darcs-users at darcs.net
> Dato: Tir, 08. sep 2009 16:07
> Emne: [darcs-users] buildslaves sought
> Hi!
> Now that we have the new buildmaster up and running, and we have the
> core
> slaves in place and green, I'd like to ask the general darcs
> community to offer
> buildslaves they can provide. There used to be a number of slaves on
> the old
> buildbot -- we would like to see as many as it is feasible migrated
> to the new
> buildmaster. Of course, completely new slaves are welcome as well.
> The instructions are at the wiki:
> http://wiki.darcs.net/Development/BuildBot
> For existing slaves, the migration should be easy, just change the
> buildmaster
> address to buildmaster.darcs.net:9988 (the options buildmaster_host
> and port in
> buildbot.tac in your buildslave's basedir). When you do this, please
> send me
> your bot's name, password and any special options your bot needs to
> work. Also,
> include a notice whether you want the bot to update darcs
> dependencies via
> cabal automatically (cabal update, cabal install <dependencies>), or
> you prefer
> to do this manually.
> Moreover, we now have somewhat higher requirements for the buildbot,
> as it is
> becoming a more central part of our development infrastructure.
> Essentially, we
> expect the bots to work correctly all the time: we are seeking to
> minimise
> redness in the buildbot due to out of date packages on slaves,
> slaves
> disappearing unexpectedly or general slave brokenness. Since we now
> also have
> more powerful tools at our disposal, this should be easier to attain
> than in
> the past. With cabal and haskell-platform, maintaining a
> well-working Haskell
> setup should be relatively easy. Moreover, we now have the option to
> make the
> buildslaves themselves care for build-dependencies through cabal
> (see above).
> Therefore, we ask you to consider honestly whether you can provide a
> slave that
> would be able to provide good and stable service to the community,
> within above
> guidelines. If in doubt, please ask! To make your deciding easier, I
> have made
> a short list of pros and cons to contributing a buildslave to
> darcs:
> The cons: (a) the initial work to set things up (b) a certain amount
> of extra
> load on your machine (c) we may bother you from time to time if your
> slave goes
> awry and (d) we may bother you from time to time if we break darcs
> for your
> platform and we have nowhere else to go.
> And the pros: (a) higher quality darcs for everybody (b) higher
> quality darcs
> for your platform (c) less work for the people on the development
> team (which
> should translate into fixed bugs and implemented features) and (d)
> you get
> listed on the buildbot's front page and therefore become famous.
> Finally, (e) a
> well-maintained buildslave is a contribution to darcs like any
> other, and with
> contributing comes credit within the community.
> Yours,
>    Petr.
> PS: http://buildbot.darcs.net
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