[darcs-users] Darcs and NFS Resolution

Petr Rockai me at mornfall.net
Sat Sep 12 16:10:27 UTC 2009

trentbuck at gmail.com (Trent W. Buck) writes:

> I'm also puzzled as to why this works -- surely mv(1) assumes POSIX
> semantics, too?  I would be interested in seeing the exact error
> transcript, preferably as an issue on bugs.d.n.  I'm not sure the
> problem has been diagnosed correctly.
Well, not really: mv will try harder than just calling rename(2). E.g. mv also
works across mount points, where it'll go as far as doing a copy and unlink.

> I definitely think this SHOULD NOT be enabled by default, unless you're
> going to ONLY enable it in the specific scenario of CIFS on Linux.
Well, we can always catch the rename(2) error and try unlinking and renaming
again (carefully, unlike current Workaround's renameFile which just does that
on any error).


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