[darcs-users] Can I join the review team?

Ganesh Sittampalam ganesh at earth.li
Sat Sep 12 21:31:21 UTC 2009


I'd like to offer/request to join the review team. I've found myself doing 
a few bits of reviewing lately, most importantly with regard to 
darcs-hs/hashed-storage review and have also been making some concrete 
contributions to darcs, for example the gzcrcs corruption repair work that 
went into the recent release. I think over recent months I've become 
sufficiently knowledgeable about substantial parts of the codebase to be 
able to do a good job of general reviewing, and since I've been submitting 
some patches for review lately and hope to continue this, I feel I ought 
to also contribute to keeping things moving by reviewing other people's 



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