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Jason Dagit dagit at codersbase.com
Sun Sep 13 17:53:23 UTC 2009

On Sun, Sep 13, 2009 at 10:48 AM, Kamil Dworakowski
<kamil at dworakowski.name>wrote:

> Good point that notification is the week point of this method of
> communication. I think the reason for the wiki page was simply that it
> was hard to follow the thread, especially that there was mentioning of
> some off the list discussion and that at some point the title changed.
> I was also not helping by repeatedly replying just to the author
> omitting the list. I think I have this impulse already under control
> and now that we have all the current context on the wiki we might
> continue the discussion on the mailing list. Anyway, I am happy either
> way, though wiki might have more latency obviously. I shall try to
> follow irc too.

My reply is going to be a fair bit off topic now, but after I sent that
message, I realized that a good hybrid-compromise would be a bug tracker
built on top of darcsit, as long as it had a good bug tracking interface.
 Here are some things it could excel at:
1) Distributed and offline usage
2) (optional for users) Integration with CLI tools
3) (optional for users) Web interface
4) History
5) Good searching
6) Support for local customizations

I marked 2 & 3 and optional meaning, I would like it offer both and let the
user decide which to use.

Not a project I want to start, but I could see it being popular.

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