[darcs-users] Including *.tex in the next Darcs release tarball.

Trent W. Buck trentbuck at gmail.com
Sat Sep 19 13:18:59 UTC 2009

[Here, I have my Debian packager hat on.]

The 2.3.0 release was our first Cabal-only release, and as the Cabal
tarball doesn't include .tex files, there's no way for to build the
user manual of that stable release.

Recently a couple of people have asked about how they can get an
up-to-date user manual, so clearly there's more interest than I
thought.  I also found out that the GNUmakefile can still be used to
build the user manual (thanks to Petr, I think).

So, I think the next release of Darcs could include the .tex and
GNUmakefile files in its source tarball.  This would not help
cabal-install users at all, but it would allow distros that build from
that source tarball (e.g. Debian) to build the manual.


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