[darcs-users] Including *.tex in the next Darcs release tarball.

Gour gour at gour-nitai.com
Sun Sep 20 05:54:56 UTC 2009

>>>>> "Max" == Max Battcher <me at worldmaker.net> writes:

Max> I'm not Trent, but the last time I asked him he said that he was
Max> focusing first on making (as much as possible) everything handily
Max> from darcs help topics. From there the current plan is to make the
Max> text exportable (probably using Pandoc) from darcs help to reST.

Good. It means there is still prospect on having manual written in reST.

I just wonder how much is Pandoc's (limited) parser appropriate tool for

Max> For instance, amongst issues that Trent brought up that have since
Max> been solved is that there is now a good Sphinx version of the
Max> rst2pdf builder that uses (python library) ReportLab rather than
Max> latex indirection to build good PDFs, with minimal dependencies.

This is only in trunk?

Max> Sphinx has only continued to gain ground as the best in class for
Max> large reST documentation products.

Yeah, I'm pleased with it, but running only 0.6.2.



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