[darcs-users] Including *.tex in the next Darcs release tarball.

Max Battcher me at worldmaker.net
Sun Sep 20 07:15:31 UTC 2009

On 9/20/2009 1:54, Gour wrote:
>>>>>> "Max" == Max Battcher<me at worldmaker.net>  writes:
> Max>  I'm not Trent, but the last time I asked him he said that he was
> Max>  focusing first on making (as much as possible) everything handily
> Max>  from darcs help topics. From there the current plan is to make the
> Max>  text exportable (probably using Pandoc) from darcs help to reST.
> Good. It means there is still prospect on having manual written in reST.

I think many of us still would like to see that. Certainly, it would 
make transitioning documents to and from the wiki easier (and I think 
there are some cases where that should be happening yesterday).

> I just wonder how much is Pandoc's (limited) parser appropriate tool for
> it...

Again, I'm just going off the conversations we have had, but Trent's 
idea was to use Pandoc here for transformation, rather than parsing: 
slowly "upgrade" the plain text help information embedded in darcs into 
Pandoc trees. The idea would be that darcs help would take those trees 
and output them as mostly unadorned text (I think it would be 
interesting to borrow some basic console effects like man has, but 
obviously that isn't hugely important) and then the same trees can 
provide the reST source documents to Sphinx (or whatever other tools are 
used), alongside whatever remains that doesn't make sense to embed 
inside of darcs help topics.

> Max>  For instance, amongst issues that Trent brought up that have since
> Max>  been solved is that there is now a good Sphinx version of the
> Max>  rst2pdf builder that uses (python library) ReportLab rather than
> Max>  latex indirection to build good PDFs, with minimal dependencies.
> This is only in trunk?

It's an extension being provided by the rst2pdf team themselves, IIRC. 
It's in rst2pdf's trunk, but I think it does require Sphinx trunk as 
well, or at least a fairly recent version.

--Max Battcher--

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