[darcs-users] darcs patch: Simplify and camel-case setSimplys. (and 4 more)

Ganesh Sittampalam ganesh at earth.li
Mon Sep 21 21:30:51 UTC 2009

On Mon, 21 Sep 2009, Eric Kow wrote:

> I'm not seriously expecting all of these to be applied, although it 
> looks like they could be (and they seem to merge cleanly with Ganesh's 
> stuff).
> It's just my attempt at poking at Darcs.Patch.Choices until I have a 
> clearer ideas what's up.  I think my main motivation was not being able 
> to let go of this negTag thing.

I've applied these two:

> Mon Sep 21 09:59:51 CEST 2009  Eric Kow <kowey at darcs.net>
>  * Simplify and camel-case setSimplys.

> Mon Sep 21 11:09:52 CEST 2009  Eric Kow <kowey at darcs.net>
>  * Move make_everything_later type signature next to implementation.

But not this because I don't think it's an improvement (fairly subjective 
I know, I wouldn't argue against it if someone else does like it):

> Mon Sep 21 11:08:52 CEST 2009  Eric Kow <kowey at darcs.net>
>  * Refactor Darcs.Patch.Choices.pull_first.

And not this because I want to think about it some more:

> Mon Sep 21 11:10:24 CEST 2009  Eric Kow <kowey at darcs.net>
>  * Some haddocks and questions for Darcs.Patch.Choices.

And not this because it Camel-cases a function that's yet to be added 
(patch_choices_tps_sub) which seems odd to me, though I'm willing to be 
convinced it's a reasonable thing to do given the magic of token replace.

> Mon Sep 21 11:24:46 CEST 2009  Eric Kow <kowey at darcs.net>
>  * Camel-case functions exported by Darcs.Patch.Choices.


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