[darcs-users] Coalescing patches

Nik darcs at babel.homelinux.net
Wed Sep 23 09:05:34 UTC 2009


I've been recently looking at improving my repo workflow, and as part of 
that, I've been comparing the ways that I would recommend doing it with 
Git, Mercurial, and Darcs.

(OOI, I use Darcs for all my in-house development, I will soon be 
pushing changes to public Git repositories, and at least one friend is 
asking for advice on his new Mercurial repos.)

As a result of my investigations, I've come across a feature request for 
Darcs which I think would be (relatively) simple to implement, should 
not break any existing features, would improve my current workflow, and 
would put Darcs one up on Git and Mercurial in this area.

To save email bandwidth, I've put my ideas into a brief document here:


If anyone has any comments on this, I would be very interested to read them.

Thanks for listening,

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