[darcs-users] Coalescing patches

Reinier Lamers tux_rocker at reinier.de
Wed Sep 23 20:12:31 UTC 2009

Hi Nik,

On Wednesday 23 September 2009 11:05:34 Nik wrote:
> As a result of my investigations, I've come across a feature request for
> Darcs which I think would be (relatively) simple to implement, should
> not break any existing features, would improve my current workflow, and
> would put Darcs one up on Git and Mercurial in this area.
> To save email bandwidth, I've put my ideas into a brief document here:
> http://nik.homelinux.net/files/darcs-coalescing.html

I see your coalesced patch type as very similar to the tag patches that we 
have now: tags also have no content and depend on a set of patches in the same 
repo. Pulling a tag means pulling a named subset of the patches in the repo 
that you pull from.

So your push --coalesce does more or less this:

 * Push all the patches that it would push without the --coalesce option
 * Apply an extra patch to the remote repository that depends on all of the
   pushed patches and only on the pushed patches, so that it can be used as a 
   named when pulling from the remote repo.

Or is this not what you mean? In the way I sketch it, obliterating the 
coalesced patch would not obliterate its members. Do you feel that it should 
obliterate the members too?

Besides, are you aware that the word "coalesce" is already used in darcs to 
mean simplifying a sequence of patches to remove modifications that do not 
influence the end result? For example, when you coalesce the insertion of a 
line, followed by the insertion of another line, followed by the eletion of 
the former line, the coalesced version of that sequence of operations will 
simpy be the latter insertion.

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