[darcs-users] No HTTP proxy support in Windows darcs

Simon Marlow marlowsd at gmail.com
Thu Sep 24 09:34:08 UTC 2009

On 21/09/2009 18:46, Petr Rockai wrote:
> Salvatore Insalaco<kirby81 at gmail.com>  writes:
>> On Mon, Sep 21, 2009 at 5:48 PM, Simon Marlow<marlowsd at gmail.com>  wrote:
>>> So the darcs we get on Windows these days is not built against libcurl, and
>>> hence apparently has no proxy support.
> Yes, we use the hackage HTTP library by default -- I guess it doesn't provide
> proxy support out of the box. It would be nice if someone could look into this,
> but I am currently a little stretched.

It's not as important as I thought.  The HTTP library picked up that I 
had http_proxy set in my environment, but in fact it works perfectly 
well without it, because we're using a firewall client on Windows that 
handles the proxying behind the scenes.

Summary: if you're using a firewall client on Windows, you can use a 
'cabal install -f-curl' build of darcs as long as you don't set http_proxy.


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