[darcs-users] Upgrading completions

Ashley Moran ashley.moran at patchspace.co.uk
Thu Apr 1 09:02:28 UTC 2010

On Mar 31, 2010, at 11:34 am, Eric Kow wrote:

> There appear to be.  See contrib/_darcs.zsh
> Also, here's a chance to empower darcs-users :-) [not scolding you, I
> promise] To find this out, I typed "zsh" into the http://bugs.darcs.net
> search bar, discovered issue1301 and did darcs changes -s -p 1301 in the
> darcs darcs repo.

Well, I did use Google before I asked, and that issue doesn't come on the first 2 pages at least ;)

But I'm still at a loss.  I've read the ticket... but <dumb_user>what do I actually do?</dumb_user>

> PS. I'll also take advantage of this opportunity to ping you about
>    ohloh integration :-)  http://bugs.darcs.net/issue1002

Lol, I have just started a new client project, and my spare time is being consumed updating some Ruby testing tools to work with the impending Rails 3.  But it's still an action in my GTD list ;)  The biggest problem is figuring out how it should work, not actually writing the code.  Maybe some time in the future we should get together and pair on it - it'll be incomparably faster than me hacking away blindly.



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