[darcs-users] darcs pull hangs

Ganesh Sittampalam ganesh at earth.li
Sat Apr 10 18:29:16 UTC 2010

Hi Axel,

On Sat, 10 Apr 2010, Axel Simon wrote:

> I'm trying to merge some larger patches between two repos that are (I think) 
> still version 1.
> There is one patch, that, when selected, gives me:
> Shall I pull this patch? (17/17)  [ynWvplxdaqjk], or ? for help: y
> Merging us 2 done, 27 queued
> And this is all darcs shows me. It hangs here.
> I have a few question:
> a) Would this problem go away if I convert to the new format? I've just 
> upgraded to darcs 2.4 and it does something with hashing. I suppose this 
> hashing is totally orthogonal to the version problem, right?

The probem is likely not to occur with the new format (version 2 style 
patches), but unfortunately it's now too late to switch trivially as you 
have to bring all the patches you want to keep into one repo before you 
can do the conversion. Hashed format is orthogonal to the version, 

> b) I thought about obliterating the patch that causes problems and applying 
> the changes in this patch manually. However, I can't do this because darcs 
> doesn't offer me this patch for obliteration. Is this because this patch 
> depends on some other patch?

The normal explanation is that some other patch depends on it, but above 
it's marked as 17/17 which precludes that possibility unless you did 
something to select a subset of patches to pull.

> c) Can I unrecord the patches in the repro that I'm pulling from and then 
> re-record them in smaller pieces? Would this help?

You can, and it might, it's hard to say. (If the patches have been used 
elsewhere too then unrecording and rerecording them will make them 
conflict with the old versions of the patches, which could in itself be 

> d) Is there any other dirty workaround?

Rerecording is basically the dirty workaround here. I've been working on a 
command "rebase" that should help make it easier to use, but it's not 
really ready for general consumption yet.

> Any help would be really appreciated. The story is that I've just converted 
> the Gtk2Hs repo to use cabal. At the same time I allowed other people to add 
> lots of new stuff to the old repo. Now I'm facing the task of merging the 
> changes to the old repo into the one that I've converted to cabal.

If you could point me at a copy of the two repos I'll have a look 
what I can figure out. Cabalizing gtk2hs is a very worthy cause :-)



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