[darcs-users] darcs pull hangs

Axel Simon Axel.Simon at in.tum.de
Sun Apr 11 09:57:31 UTC 2010

Hi Ganesh,

On 10.04.2010, at 20:29, Ganesh Sittampalam wrote:
>> b) I thought about obliterating the patch that causes problems and  
>> applying the changes in this patch manually. However, I can't do  
>> this because darcs doesn't offer me this patch for obliteration. Is  
>> this because this patch depends on some other patch?
> The normal explanation is that some other patch depends on it, but  
> above it's marked as 17/17 which precludes that possibility unless  
> you did something to select a subset of patches to pull.

Oh, I think that message was misleading. I pulled the patches one by  
one and removed the conflicts until I got stuck. Thus it's now 1/17  
that is the offending one. I only said 'a'll because I wanted to see  
how many more patches there are. Without 'a', darcs says something  
like "skipping further patches" which, according to the docs, means  
that patches 2/17 up to 17/17 somehow depend on 1/17.

>> c) Can I unrecord the patches in the repro that I'm pulling from  
>> and then re-record them in smaller pieces? Would this help?
> You can, and it might, it's hard to say. (If the patches have been  
> used elsewhere too then unrecording and rerecording them will make  
> them conflict with the old versions of the patches, which could in  
> itself be inconvenient).
>> d) Is there any other dirty workaround?
> Rerecording is basically the dirty workaround here. I've been  
> working on a command "rebase" that should help make it easier to  
> use, but it's not really ready for general consumption yet.

Ok. I'll try that now.

>> Any help would be really appreciated. The story is that I've just  
>> converted the Gtk2Hs repo to use cabal. At the same time I allowed  
>> other people to add lots of new stuff to the old repo. Now I'm  
>> facing the task of merging the changes to the old repo into the one  
>> that I've converted to cabal.
> If you could point me at a copy of the two repos I'll have a look  
> what I can figure out. Cabalizing gtk2hs is a very worthy cause :-)

The source repo that has the offending patch(es):

darcs get code.haskell.org:/srv/code/gtk2hs

The repository into which I want to incorporate the patches:

darcs get http://www2.in.tum.de/~simona/gtk2hsCabalized

Thanks for your help.


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