[darcs-users] GSoC: network optimisation vs cache vs library?

Isaac Dupree ml at isaac.cedarswampstudios.org
Wed Apr 14 21:42:53 UTC 2010

On 04/11/10 13:39, Reinier Lamers wrote:
> Hi all,
> Op zondag 11 april 2010 16:39 schreef Eric Kow:
>> We also have a third project to consider.
>> It aims to make bring a Darcs GUI much closer to reality by helping us
>> to clean up the Darcs library (notably by separating the UI IO, from the
>> low-level repository IO).
> I think a GUI is very important, almost just as important as performance. If
> we were in a fairytale world where we could get two GSoC students, I'd rather
> see one work on performance and another on a GUI than to see both work on
> performance.

I currently use darcs happily without a GUI, but, if a GUI allowed me to 
visualize the dependencies between patches, this could be quite 
invaluable.  (...Not having a sense of whether that particular proposal 
makes a good project, but assuming it does.)

Eric makes a fair point about focusing (on performance). But also the 
existence of side-projects is what will keep us going, should 
performance someday lead towards dead-end or completion or boredom.  I'm 
not sure what role GSoC has in this.

As a darcs user, personally, I don't care about first impressions. It'd 
be nice but not that important for darcs get/pull to be faster (This 
would require new darcs to be deployed on the server, correct? -- in 
addition to on the client).  On the other hand, I can't tell from Eric's 
description *any* benefit that I would get from "cache cleanup"; as far 
as I can tell my cache works just fine. Eric, can you elaborate, or show 
us a link to the proposal, or something?


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