[darcs-users] Cache

Dan Pascu dan at ag-projects.com
Thu Apr 15 14:15:38 UTC 2010

The wiki recommends this in order to enable the cache:

mkdir -p $HOME/.darcs/cache
echo cache:$HOME/.darcs/cache > $HOME/.darcs/sources

However I found that by just creating the cache directory it is populated with 
files as I use darcs. Files in the cache are even hardlinked with files in the 
repositories. A darcs show repo also shows that the repo uses the cache:

$ darcs show repo 
          Type: darcs
        Format: hashed
          Root: /home/dan/project
      Pristine: HashedPristine
         Cache: thisrepo:/home/dan/project, cache:/home/dan/.darcs/cache
   Num Patches: 1690

My question is if the "echo cache:$HOME/.darcs/cache > $HOME/.darcs/sources" 
is still needed or is it something obsolete? If it's still needed what is its 
purpose and why does my cache get populated and used even without it?


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